Daisy's Purse & Moses' Mission

Middle Tennessee Veterinary Center has 2 funds that were started by a generous donor. 

Daisy's Purse

When Daisy needed emergency surgery to amputate her front leg, her owner’s were faced with an expected expense and no way to pay it.  A good Samaritan stepped in and covered the cost of the surgery.  Daisy’s parents ultimately repaid the debt, and have created Daisy’s purse to pay it forward and help under served animals in our community get life-saving medical care.

Moses' Mission

Moses sat in an animal control facility for months.  Although he was a sweet and gentle boy, he was constantly passed up because he needed surgery on his eyes.  A generous donor sponsored Moses’ surgery and he was quickly adopted.  The Moses’ Mission fund was started to help dogs in animal control facilities and shelters that need medical assistance to improve their chance of adoption.